Pediatric Urologist Doctor Eugene A Minevich in Kettering OH

Dr. eugene a minevich

Board-Certified Pediatric Urologist
3535 Southern Boulevard
Kettering, OH 45419
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About Dr. Eugene A Minevich

I became a pediatric urologist because I love children and because I have an amazing and inspirational mentor, Dr. Curtis Sheldon. Dr. Sheldon is the founding director of Pediatric Urology at Cincinnati Children's. In my practice, I provide a family-oriented approach to urological conditions that allows the children I treat to have a lifetime of success. I have extensive expertise in treating pediatric renal stones, microscopic correction of hypospadias and comprehensive treatment of vesicoureteral reflux. With my broad experience in teaching and providing specialized surgical care for complex urological conditions abroad, I was awarded Doctor Honorary Causa (Honorary Professor) at Rga Stradiš, Riga, Latvia. I'm honored to be the Endowed Chair of Pediatric Urology International Education at Cincinnati Children's. My true passion in life is to travel. I love to explore different parts of the world with my friends and family. I'm also an avid biker and skier.